and one dog...

Finally, some pictures I'm actually proud of. Second one reminds me of the good ol' days when I use to shoot with Black and White 55mm film...
Plus one picture of my new neice, Mia (1 day old) :)

stupid winter.
a picture of Hoar Frost on a tree. (thanks to jaime for letting me know thats what it's called)

Just thought I'd update everyone on my situation. I have finally payed off all the debts I owe to my parents, so now its time to blow the rest on something instead of saving it. Luckily, Jason is selling his lens, so of course I'm going to buy it.
I also scored a part in a Drama play at school that will be taking up all my spare time because practice is everyday after school. It will all go to a good cause because we will get to perform on the University stage twice, once for a general crowd and again during a Drama festival called Shed The Mask. I'm excited.
This, however, is going to limit the amount I can work. Due to the play I am only going to be able to work on weekends and since my boss is an inconsiderate fool, I will probably be left with no time to see my friends.
AND, on top of all of this, I still have to complete my portfolio for University and I'm sure that soon I will have to choose which classes I will be taking my first semester/year.

But enough of that. Here is one of the first pictures I took with my new camera.
My good friend Nick playing bass.