The last post on my zoo trip a few weeks ago. Also, 1 picture of Jason from a long time ago... Just thought I'd pop it back on here for all to view.


Just some more pictures from the zoo trip =)

I went to the Calgary Zoo with a bunch of friends on Sunday. The weather was alright, kinda tricky to work with for lighting.
Thanks to Jason and Jaime for converting me to shooting in RAW. It's definately 100x better than shooting in regular JPEG or anything else.
There will be more pictures from this trip to come. These are just a little something to nibble on while the others come ;)

p.s. some of the pics became blurry when I uploaded them onto this site. it's annoying, but yeah...just ignore.

Just an old picture from the summertime when we were at Silversprings in B.C.
Decided to touch it up a little and throw it out to the public again.

Just some portraits I've done recently.
People in them, in order of photograph are:

Then my nephew Seth.


Went into the coulies tonight and shot off a bunch of Roman Candles and other explosive things that sucked... Got some really crazy pictures but it was really cold out. Hopefully going to buy some more this weekend and explode more stuff =)