well here's some stuff from the christmas break so far...
plus one tree picture nick and leslie liked

the bottom one is my favorite

we have a lot of spare time in the new house...

more to come in the next day or two.

Because I'm That Vain...

Sorry for the lack of photographs and such. School/work/moving out/life is getting a little hectic so its been hard to get out and shoot some stuff.

Here's a really old picture of my nephew Seth.

A poster I designed for Jesse and his Live At Lunch program at LCI. Definitely a cool idea Jesse, good job .

I would like everyone who looks at my photography to also check out my good friend Leslie's Blogspot.
He (finally) made himself a Blogspot and it looks phenomenal. It's definitely the best layout to a Blogspot that I have ever seen.

His photography is top-notch. I enjoy looking at his portrait photographs a lot.

I highly encourage you all to take a moment and look at his page:


(A link can also be found on the left-hand side of my page, titled 'Leslie Ohene-Adjei')

On the way to Las Vegas...

I was in Fernie all weekend shooting a Mountan Biking competetion, the Full Throttle Challenge...
or something like that.
Jason and I managed to get VIP passes with Blaine which was super wicked.
Here are a few shots.

Leslie! For inspiring me to work with borders more.

You can check out Leslie's own work here:

Back from Las Vegas. Had a really fun time, especially at the Beatles Cirque du Soleil show.
I have tons of pictures but will only be displaying a couple at a time, so make sure to check back ever couple days for new pics.

Just got back from BC.
Here are some shots


Pretty fun day at Cooper's Drop.
That is until the police came and we got charged for trespassing....

It's finally over.
Pictures from just before the Grand March and Dance.