This was absolutely one of the greatest nights of my entire life. You may not have heard of Radiohead, but they've been around for just about as long as I've been alive. They put on a 27-song set that was phenomenal. Right before Radiohead took the stage it began to rain and it didn't stop for the whole show, it was crazy! There was about 20,000 people at this concert and every single one of us was completely drenched by the end. Not only was I at the very front, but they allowed cameras into the show. So I stole Tanner's (roommate) camera and went to town with the photos.

Just got back this morning from Vancouver. Such a fun city, but there's too many people...
Enjoy the pictures.

He put on a really great show.

So I just got back from Creston, B.C. where the Goat Style Bike Jam was being held. The First day was scorching and the second day of the tourney was completely rained out... Despite that, I was able to get some good shots.
Sorry for the big/ugly watermark, but I needed it on there for Facebook.

Heading to Creston this weekend, so I'll be back with some mountain biking photos to show.

Recently shot my first wedding.
Here's two preview shots: